Rafiullah Mandokhail from Zhob

Demise of Sain Kamal Khan Sherani is a great loss

Rafiullah Mandokhail from Zhob
Larawbar.com  2010-11-30

Demise of Sain Kamal Khan Sherani is a great loss for the party, Pashtoon nation:
Senator Abdul Rahim Mandokhail
By Rafiullah Mandokhail
   “Pakistani pilgrims had to face tough times in Saudi Arabia this year, as arrangements made by the government for their stay and transportation were unsatisfactory”.
  These views were expressed by Deputy Chairman Pashtoonkhwa Mili Awami Party Senator Abdul Rahim Mandokhail while talking to this correspondent after arriving from Hajj here at his residence.
   Replying to a question regarding the sad demise of prominent politician and author Sain Kamal Khan Sherani, he said “Demise of Pk-MAP leader Sain Kamal Khan Sherani prior to Eid ul Azha is a great loss for the party as well as for the Pashtoon nation. Before the emergence of the party, leaders including Bacha Khan, Khan Shaheed Abdul Samad Khan Achakzai and Sain Kamal Khan Sherani made Pashtoons politically wise and sagacious. Sain stood for the equal distribution of resources among ethnic groups inhibiting in Pakistan ”. He observed.
   Senator Abdul Rahim Mandokhail further said “It is the duty of young generation now to convey this message forward. The day is not far, when people will have control over their resources not withstanding the tactics of exploiters and usurpers”. He expressed the optimism.
   He said “people like Sain Kamal Khan were remembered for ages. Despite hostile circumstances, he brought out a Pashto journal ‘Pashto’ from Zhob in 1952.
   However, rulers of that time threw a spanner in his works and publication of the journal could not be continued”. He recollected.
   He further said “Sain Kamal Khan Sherani also published a newspaper ‘Istiqlal’ in 1938 for the purpose of creating awareness among Pashtoon youth. Which helped in increasing political consciousness of people tremendously”. He added.

بيرته شاته

وروستي سرليکونه

   د مرحوم مولوي محمد نبي محمدي ژوند او مبارزې ته کتنه

   زموږ په ټولنه کي د ښځي ارزښت

   د اېران او سعودي عربستان سوړ جنګ منځنی ختیز نور هم بحراني کوي

   جمعه خان همدرد نه قاتل دى، نه غاصب او نه هم څارنوالي کی دوسیه لری

   داسې څوک شته چې ترولسمشره يې ورسوي؟

   زموږ ټولنیز جوړښتونه

   د دیموکراسی علمدار د وردګو د ولایت د ناورین مسئول

   ارګ ته نژدې د(شمر) ډله

   بيده ولسونه او وږي حاکمان / زین الله ستانکزی

   نوی کال نوی حکومت اوزړې خبرې

   فرخنده چا؟ د کوم هدف له پاره ووژله

   بې موره ميوند، بې فيضي هلمند او يو قاتل پلار

   برېښنا ته د ولي شا طبيب ليك

   د ځمکو په قانون کې سمون، د هېواد د ستونزو پاى

   په افغانستان کې د سولې او امن دغونډې لنډ رپوټ اوپرېکړه لیک

   د نړۍ درې لويي ستونزي

   خوست دبې ساري پرمختګ په ډګر کې

   گورستان صدا