کور / سياسي / Afghanistan; is the history of Dr. Braiden repeat itself?!

Afghanistan; is the history of Dr. Braiden repeat itself?!

The hue and cry of election drama, for the 20th of  august 09 is now over with the most shameful results. Thousands of extra foreign armed troops , under the pretext of security for the conduct of election, were brought to Afghanistan .Even in the beginning, this drama was seen to be accompanied with the blood of the innocent people in the south western provinces, and it seems that the end will be the bloodiest.  The inhabitants of Helmand, Qandahar, Zabul, Uruzgan, and Ghazni…..provinces were forced to either subjugate to the wrath of the occupation or leave their belongings behind.

This bloodiest  military operation, which started by the joint forces of  USA, British ; and by the so-called Afghan army under various names, resulted  in the killing of hundreds  of  inhabitants including children , women, and the elder people under the name  of insurgency, whom were buried in their  blood. However, the invaders were not able to gain the hearts of the inhabitants though.

All these terror and horror were done just to regain the control of the districts under the opposition forces and make the situation more conducive for the election process. All these were done just for the reestablishment, of either, the most corrupted officials of the current regime or for the Mafia and human abusers of the northern alliance.

According to reports from Helmand province, filled by the foreign forces themselves, during the whole working hours of the day more or less 15 persons had used their rights for costing their votes in more than one voting booth.

It was astonishing that, even before the completion of the election process, president of USA including  his political and military officials alongside  with EU high ups,  congratulated the Afghan nation  for their  boldness and courage, they have shown by going to the ballot boxes and for costing  their  votes. The reason for their gratification was clear. They have to convince the very disturbed nations of their own. Nevertheless, the aftermath of the election drama was most distressing. This has polarized more, the already split, Afghan nation on ethnic basis.

 Meanwhile, the expectation of the US led coalition, which was strictly adhering to the election process, turned to be dismay. The result of this play, as was expected, was full of fraud and deception. In this process, according to the election commission, 17 million people were registered; among them only 5 million were able to cast their votes. Meanwhile, according to the international observers, there are nearly 1.5 million fraud and bogus votes casted by either side of the candidates. As the announced results show that only three million or less people out of 30 million populations have taken part in the process, therefore, according to the Afghan intellectuals, any government produced on this base will not be counted as the legitimate one.

In this election according to the chairman of the commission, President Karzai’s regime, which is recognized by the world  community as the most corrupted one, has got 54.6% of  these three million votes , while the candidate of the  Northern alliance, a  group of  warlords and human abusers, has got 27,7% of votes. However, before the election toke place, the northern alliance, to find a venue in the forth coming government, threatened the US led coalition with armed demos and said if they don’t win, they will be on the streets with their arms. Therefore, after the announcement of the results, the US led coalition, is running between to make a (corruption plus) coalition government from both the corrupted sides.

Therefore, neither a government on the basis of these results, nor a coalition government, is going to take the Afghan nation and US led army out from this imbroglio. Besides, the increased of the foreign troops as is proposed by the US army general, McChrystal, well furthermore prolong the disaster. As the leaders of  the opposition put it;  more troops means more casualties and more targets. For the time being there are one hundred and ten thousands multinational troops alongside of more than two hundred fifty thousand   Afghan army and police in the country. If these strong forces, equipped with the most sophisticated arms could not able to control the situation, how on the earth this task could be done by the increase of few thousands more.

Furthermore, the opposition fighters, which called themselves as the freedom fighters, now has engulfed the already pretended  calm provinces in the North, where the ISAF (Germany)  forces killed  more than hundred people  in the heart of the  night on 4th September, while leaving dozens  injured.

Because for their sacrifices, the Afghan people had given during 1980s, where they crushed the Soviet empire and  made possible the reunification of the east-west Germany, the Afghans were counting  on them as their beneficiaries. Nevertheless, these counting became gloomy by the mass killing of the villagers, whom came to get a gallon  of  benzene from a tanker kidnapped by the opposition. This bloody incident has drastically changed the attitudes of the people about the German forces and know they see these unites as aggressors and occupiers.

The latest mass killing of the Afghan people and the miss behavior of the US led coalition have not only changed the thinking of the Afghans but also brought huge change in the think of the EU nations as well as in the USA as a whole. Where some of the countries like Canada, Italia …including Germany announced the pull out of their soldiers form this quagmire.

According to the reports, The Italian prime minister has called for international forces to withdraw from Afghanistan, after a suicide attack in the capital Kabul killed six Italian soldiers.

“We are keen to bring our boys home as soon as possible,” Silvio Berlusconi said on Thursday as he arrived for an EU summit in Brussels. He added: “We are all convinced that we have to get out of Afghanistan as soon as possible.” The report said.

It the meantime, Germany and France governments want to hold an international conference on Afghan imbroglio with the full sport of British government, to find the ways out for their soldiers.

Besides, according to international NGO’s, more than 80% of the country is now directly or indirectly under the control of they, some called themselves “freedom fighters” or Mujahidin.

Furthermore, the opposition guerillas have already gain control over the highways, NATO thoroughly needed for   their logistical transportation via Russia, Uzbekistan and Tajikistan. US led occupation forces, which are in dire need for safe passages for their military convoys are having huge losses in the transportation field via Pakistan. The recent attacks on the NATO   convoys in Kunduz –Baghlan highway and in Kunduz province itself shows that, like Pakistani highways, these ways are going to be more dangerous than were being thought. It is worth mentioning that these ways had already been unsuccessfully exhausted by the ex- USSR during 80’s and 90’s.

The voice of US forces commander, Gen. Stanley A. McChrystal, “how warned of Failure in Afghanistan without More U.S. Troops”, shows that after eight long years engagement of the US led coalition military might against  the scattered  opposition, now the opposition is in strong mode than the coalition forces. 
According to NYT, the top military commander in Afghanistan has warned in a classified assessment of the war there that he needs additional troops within the next year or else the conflict”will likely result in failure.”

The US led coalition has already warned by the well-experienced international observers and the veterans of Russ-Afghan war for fighting against the Afghan people. The assessment of the  general McChrystal should be  consider as  the lost  chance  for  the occupation forces to think  and rethink about  their involvement of their forces.
According to the reports,” this grim assessment is contained in a 66-page report that is submitted to Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates on Aug. 30, and which is now under review by President Obama and his top national security advisers.”

Meanwhile, according to Aljazeera, one of the opposition leaders in his taped message says that “NATO and the US would understand their lack of military success in Afghanistan if they studied the country’s long history of war.”

In his Muslim Eid holiday “message” released on Sunday, Mullah Omar referred to the last empire that tried to occupy the mountainous, land-locked country.

According to the news, the leader of the Taliban has said: “We fought against the British invaders for 80 years from 1839 to 1919 and ultimately got independence by defeating Britain,”. 

“Today we have strong determination … we have preparedness for a long war and … we will continue to wage jihad until we gain independence and force the invaders to pull out. The Taliban leader declared.

It the same time, Engineer Gulbuddin Hekmatyar, the ex-prime minister and  the Leader of Hezbi Islami, has also called on the foreign invaders to either leave the country or face the consequences and the wrath of the nation. He advised that if the foreign forces want to leave, in a schedule time table, he and his party are ready to provide them safe passages, the message said.

In his written message to his fighter, issued recently to the media by his spokesmen, he asked them to engage the occupiers in guerilla warfare, make small groups of two or three man, do your business during the day time, don’t use the same cell telephones twice, and continue guerrilla campaign, increase putting the roadside bombs. He also directed them to avoid the public social centers as, clinics, roads, schools, etc, and also directed them to avoid the public casualties. The message concludes.

Therefore, while both the opposition leaders are strictly directing and instructing their fighters against the occupiers, the US led alliance is seem to lose the fighting for imposing their western style of secular democracy over the Afghan nation. As a matter of fact, they are following the same steps as their predecessor, the ex-Soviet Union, did. It is well astonishing that, the first withdrawal of the ex-Soviet army was started form the same province as the US led coalition began their withdrawal, and that is the Bargematal district of Kunar province.

Therefore,  to handle the already inflamed security situation and find a way out of this entanglement , the US led coalition and the NATO alliance  countries should find a practical way by consulting the opposition parties, whom are the force fighting against them. They should thoroughly discuss the conditions forwarded by the opposition. Besides some of the NATO alliance countries whom have reputation in broking peace process between the conflicting sides, should come out to find out the honorable ways for both sides.

One of the opposition leaders, through his interview, has already asked the German government for starting negotiations among the conflicted sides. Besides, the Norwegian government has also a history as a peace broker and would be able to come out and contact the conflicting sides. The UNAMA chief in Kabul also strongly advised that the way out  of this conflict is to contact the opposition parties. 

For better understandings, to know the very view points of the opposition I want to put again the requirement list, issued by both the strongest parties i.e. (Taliban &Hezbe Islami). this is comprised of ” honourable peace, a peace that would restore the dignity of the Afghan people, a peace that would bring equality and justice to all Afghans, men and women alike, regardless of ethnicity and sectarian affiliation.”

Both the parties also asked that: “The course of action must include the phased withdrawal of foreign troops in accordance with a firm timetable acceptable to the Afghan people, the United States, and its NATO partners.”

“Furthermore, the negotiations must result in the formation of a provisional, non-partisan Afghan government, consisting of personalities of proven honesty, a group of people with the ability and integrity to initiate the all-necessary and all-important process of the inner-Afghan reconciliation and preparation for general and free elections.”

Therefore,   the necessary steps for creating confidence between the negotiators would be: Military de-escalation and humanization of the conflict. Release of prisoners

Besides, Afghans assurance that, they will neither endanger their neighbors nor the world at large And assurances by our negotiations partners that they will not interfere in internal affairs of Afghanistan. A peaceful, sovereign and independent Afghanistan will maintain political, economic and cultural relations with all states of the international community, relation characterized by friendship, mutual respect and esteem “.

Everything is possible if cooperation and sincerity is maintained.

Otherwise, most of the observers whom are closely watching   the situation predict that the history repeats itself, and some even think the last defeat of the British army in 19th century, only Dr. Braiden got out alive.

(Qaribur Rahman Saeed)

The author is a freelance Journalist and ex-director general of Afghan News Agency (ANA).

E-mail address: qrsaeed@hotmail.com