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Withdrawal of the foreign forces from Afghanistan

We strongly denounce those political and religious forces in Pakistan and elswhere who demand of the pullout of the foreign forces from Afghanistan at this critical time.It is quite illogical and inconceivable to put such demands which we think go against the stability and prosperity of the Afghanistan.No one has no right to tell that foreign forces should withdraw from Afghanistan as these forces have landed there after they got permission from the UN to punish terrorists and their promoters,but sorry to say that terrorists and their friends are roaming freely without any fear particularly this side of the so-called artificial line of temporary division of a Nation,Pashtun/Afghans.Only Afghans have the right to ask some one to remain or to leave.Afghanistan is a sovereign country and needs no one dictation,espacially of those who have left no stone unturned to destroy it and compell its people to migrate from one place to other.We all know well that Afgghanistan has witnessed a war for long 30 years which badly damaged that country and hurt the brave Afghans.After the debacle of the Taliban regime in 2001,democracy has started its course to prevail smoothly and the country is making progress by leaps and bounds which is like a thorn in the eyes of anti-Pashtun forces.Peace is returning fastly and hope that the country will soon stand on its feet,But on the condition that international community will have to keep her assistance with Afghanistan until it is able to defend its self.If in present situations,foreign forces commit blunder by leaving this country,God forbid,the crises will once again start and the enemies will cash it.This step will benifit non except terrorists and their promoters which the entire world knows well.Those forces will definitly fail and their wishfull thinking will never materialise.Those who propagate and demand for the withdrawal of the foreign forces at this time from Afghanistan should understand that Afghanistan is a soverign democratic state and Afghans themselves know what is right and what is wrong for them.I do not know as to why demands are made from the Pakistani politicians and clergy.What haunts them.On one side they claim for the friendship of the America and from behind they put dagger in it.It is hypocracy and condemnable.We strongly reject the policy of interference in Afghanistan by these people.We also demand that Islamabad should change its policy of intervention in Afghanistan and learn to live like good friends.One should also understand that volatile worst situations of law and order in Pashtun region including FATA are not due to foreign forces in Afghanistan ,but such bloody situations are due to wrong policieis of the ISLAMABAD against Pashtuns and Afghanistan.These have neither been created by Pashtun nor those forces in Afghanistan but these are the SATANIC thinkings of the secret agencieis of Pakistan.This futile exercise is done to pressurise Americans to flee but i think this will not be more than a childish exercise.The real solution of the conflict lies in the Pashtun National Unity.

Long live Afghanistan.

Long live Pashtun/Afghans

And down with those forces which make plots against Pashtun/Afghans and Afghanistan.


Written by,

Zar Ali Khan Musazai


Pashtun Democratic Council