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The truth and time-worn Persian Hegemony

Blatant carve up of the truth and time-worn Persian Hegemony

Afghan wire-media in and outside Afghanistan almost two months ago reported the detention of Afghan Parliament Speaker Mr. Qanoni and Vice President Ahmad Zia Massoud trying to smuggle millions of US $ cash at the Dubai International Airport . Sources close to the Afghan Parliament speaker and Vice president reportedly confirmed the detention at the Dubai airport but it was quickly denied by Mr. Qanoni on his arrival to Kabul Airport. It was immediately followed by the interview of Mr. Zia Massoud to Aryana Television in Kabul on 19th Dec 2007, via telephone from Dubai in which he did not mention his brief detention but rather praised the efforts of international community in reconstruction of Afghanistan. In view of its timing the interview raised more question than answers. The news regarding the detention was never substantiated.  If it was true, then authorities in Afghanistan must have turned blind eye, yet, to another serious illegal abuse of official position.

Meanwhile, there is recently an unreported but timely disclosed news that Mr. Qanoni did distributed thousands of pound in the UK to his followers with the ultimate intention to further divide, influence and incite hate amongst the Afghan Diaspora in Europe in his recent visit to UK.

on Friday Feb 15, 2008, almost a hundred supporters of United front made a big hue and cry by staging a noisy rally in front of the Afghan Embassy in London, apparently protesting over the news report that Abdul Karim Khurram Afghan Culture Minister reportedly sacked a TV reporter for breaching the constitution by excessive use of Iranian Persian words in his reports instead of Afghan Dari contrary to the national & official Afghan terminology and also the decision of Minister for rewriting the French word of Culture used for decades in Afghanistan as a substitute of Persian equivalent of Culture in the sign board of the Afghan Culture Ministry brought about by the Rabbani regime years before Taliban. The news report was rejected by the Ministry of Culture.  However the protesters asked the government to sack the Culture Minister and even went to the extent of calling him Adolph – Khurram, a fascist called his decision an act of anti culture and Persian-phobia. In the past few weeks, a number of headlines-grabbing stories have been the question of whether so called United Front is receiving financial support from foreign countries. What is surprising is that no one seems to point out at the correlation between these events. United National Front or a few opposition parties mainly from former Northern Alliance and former communists, with a campaign of covert and overt disruptive activities inside and outside of Afghanistan, with specific insistence on sharing larger portion of the government to them only, with the display of such hate filled hue and cry virtually for nothing, exhibited an intolerance masquerading as self righteousness, painfully obvious to anyone observing the situation objectively. The United Front and their vocal supporters opposing the government of president Karzai, what they call tribal fascism of the Culture Minister a highly respected figure of the cabinet exhibited the most fascist behavior imaginable and in the name of freedom of expression and political activities. This behavior shown in the rally and the subsequent remarks of Haji Mohammad Mohaqeq, head of the Cultural Committee of the Parliamnet exhibited a form of thought and behavior which is repugnant to any reasonable individual, with or without religion. The psychological explanation in such cases is identical. These groups in United Front have identified a situation where they feel free to express the worst aspect of their own characters while ostensibly working for the ideals.

Surely, many Afghans are shaking their heads at this blatant carve-up of the truths

Paemane -Meli website linked to the Ahmad Wali Massoud former Ambassador of president Rabbani (leader of the warlord led government opposition who leveled Kabul to ground in a highly devastating fighting with other rival Mujaheedin groups) to the UK was behind the rally in front of the Afghan Embassy in London which after years of monopoly and nepotism seems to be still in their grip. Paemane Meli is considered to be the No.1 threat to the ethnic harmony among Afghan Diaspora in UK. It is supported and paid to fuel a surge in cyber spread smear campaign against the government and Afghan intellectuals whom they believe are from the opposite or wrong ethnic group. This website is not only used for propagating distorted news, slanderous rumors and hatred amongst Afghans but is actively promoting Persian ambition and hegemony in the UK.

Is that kind of activities acceptable? Not to the Afghan public and Afghan Diaspora it’s not, that’s for sure. It’s an absolute shambles. I am sure the –officials in Kabul – as fat cats are busy slapping each other on the back and not paying a thought to those people who have to continue to use their official positions against government in a vicious campaign to topple it from within as the Taliban and other terrorist are doing in the battle field but the United front is particularly focusing to further divide the Afghans in Europe and Afghanistan along ethnic and political lines with the support and financial support they receive.

Mr. Ahmad Wali Massoud brother of the Vice president Zia Massoud and  Qanoni as speaker of the Parliament- thinks it is OK for – Northern Alliance- to use time-worn grubby tricks and support to demonize the government and incite hate on ethnic grounds in the UK and  EU countries, particularly, amongst Afghan Diaspora. For instance: Paemane-Meli managing director (who is considered by some as mouthpiece of Iranian Media) writers and staffs in London and its backers inside the government and parliament, do not mind hate messages propagated by its website and clearly echoed in recent demonstration in front of the Afghan Embassy, but when some body is also put up in an institution like Parliament, support and financing such actions, it’s incumbent upon Afghan Diaspora to draw attention to it. It is a shame for people like Mr. Younis Qanoni who as speaker of the Afghan parliament, pressurizing the government and dividing the Afghan Diaspora. It is intolerance from any point of view.  UK based Afghan Diaspora loath and despises and condemns people who further divide Afghans for political ends. Since, Paemane Meli dose not enjoy support from the Afghan community across London and elsewhere in UK. Afghan Diaspora based in UK and other EU countries not only objecting to the recent hate filled politically motivated demonstration, but to its other slanders against the government and national unity of Afghan ethnic groups.

Inciting messages of hate by Paemane-Meli against the Government and unity amongst the Afghan ethnic groups through staging hateful demonstration coupled with terrible accusations is not clever, but representing a new form of Persian hegemony in the Afghan politics. It is time for the Afghan Diaspora in the UK to get together and avoid disruptive activities carried out by the United National Front that wrongly incites hatred on behalf of Afghan ethnic groups towards each other. The thought of time-worn Persian hegemony and its so called superior culture in war and poverty stricken Afghanistan makes every sensible Afghan sick to the stomach.  Let’s hope more Afghan Diaspora in the UK take a united stance and size the window of opportunity for the reconstruction of their country. This will surely, turn off the hate music of the Paeman-e-Meli in the UK and its demagogic supporters inside the government and the parliament in Kabul.