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America’s Drone War

UN to Investigate Amidst Charges of War Crimes, A Replay and Strategy Consistent with the Nazi Terror Bombings during World War II

We need to back off [and] restore basic human rights as spelled out in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR), there are 30 paragraphs in the UDHR, and at present time, my country, is violating 10 of the 30…Former US President Jimmy Carter.

The controversy surrounding the U.S. drone war has military historians and international law experts and students searching for the origins, root-cause and or concept of this extra-legal, indiscriminate strategy hailed as ‘target killing’ of suspected militants to include children. Initial reports filed by journalists have suggested that the concept of an unmanned ‘terror-weapon’ was born and developed by the Nazi military strategists, engineers and scientists during the waning days of World War II. Designated as the ‘Buzz Bomb’ or ‘Doodlebug’ due to its unique sound when passing overhead, the V-1 flying bomb (Vergeltungswaffen) was designed for the terror bombing London. First launched in 1944, at its peak more than 100 V-1s were fired at South East London or 9,521 in total resulting in 22,982 casualties and 1,150,000 homes destroyed. The V-1 so terrorized London that American, British, and Russian agents were covertly dispatched in an effort to locate and terminate Nazi engineers and scientists responsible for the design and manufacture of this horrific weapon. (1)

Those captured Nazi scientists responsible for the development of the V-1 who escaped the allied commando/kill-teams, and did not ultimately serve American weapons producers in their quest for high-technological terror weapons, were tried as war criminals following the conclusion of World War II. The war crimes trials were facilitated by the general public’s dramatic indignation and anger over the Nazi’s use of these terror weapons. Though the killing-technology has improved immeasurably since the guns fell silent in World War II, today’s ‘drone’ weapon was to a small degree reverse-engineered from German World War II technology. (2)

Today, it appears that yet another unmanned terror weapon stalks and kills citizens from around the world, (déjà vu) based on a weekly strategy meeting between President Barack Obama and his National Security Adviser John Brennan, the result of which results in a presidential finding or ‘death warrant’ directive which determines and assigns as to whom the United States alleges is a terrorist and therefore who is to die. Thus, completely lacking any semblance of due process, President Barack Obama, Constitutional scholar, lecturer and self-professed ‘champion of human rights’ has at one become judge, jury and executioner. Following the June 6th drone killing of 18 Afghans to include women and children in Logar, Afghanistan, U.N. Human Rights Commissioner Navi Pilay called for an investigation of civilian casualties in U.S. drone strikes in Pakistan and Afghanistan, stating that ‘serious questions about international law abound.’ At recent commencement ceremonies at Harvard Law School, U.N. Special Rapporteur on Human Rights Ben Emmerson said during his eulogy that ‘together with my colleague Christopher Heyms, U.N. Special Rapporteur on extra-judicial killings, I will be launching an investigation unit within the special procedures of the U.N. Human Rights Council to inquire into individual drone attacks, and in addition, inquiries into the illegality of torture, waterboarding, multiple night-time raids on residential dwellings, and secret renditions will be investigated as well.’ (4, 7)

Officially, the CIA insists its drone war is a state secret, yet we’re now seeing a concerted public relations effort to sanitize its dubious legality. A story in last week’s New York Times painted a remarkably detailed picture of U.S. Government’s so-called ‘targeted killing’ campaign that involves the use of unmanned aerial vehicles (drones) to kill suspected terrorists. Public awareness and outrage has increased significantly in the wake of the New York Times article.

Robert Grenier, former CIA Station Chief in Pakistan and head of the CIA’s Counter-Terrorism-Center from 2004-2006 says the U.S. drone strike program is targeted too broadly according to an article published in the U.K.-based Guardian. Grenier said the use of drones was a valuable tool in tracking terrorism but only when used against specific targets that have been tracked and monitored to a place where a strike is feasible and does not endanger civilians. ‘We have gone a long way down the road of creating a situation where we are creating more enemies than we are removing from the battlefield. We are already there with regards to Pakistan and Afghanistan.’ CIA drones are reportedly reviving the use of highly-controversial tactics that targets rescuers and funeral-goers. On Monday, (8/4/12) U.S. drones attacked rescuers in Waziristan in Western Pakistan minutes after the initial strike killing 16 people gathered for funeral prayers of victims killed in an earlier attack. In yet another egregious example of war crimes, and the gathering storm of criticism over the drone program, note the recent retirement of Air Force official Brandon Bryant who quit his post as a Predator drone operator after he learned he was ordered to target a child in Afghanistan, “I just cannot live with this haunting situation” he said. (3, 4, 5, 6, 7)

During a recent interview with Russia Today, and reported by The News International, World: 12/10/12, ‘Former US President Slams Drone Attacks’: Former President Jimmy Carter said: “I personally think we do more harm than good by having our drones attack some potential terrorists who have not been tried or proven that they are guilty”. He concluded by saying that “We need to back off [and] restore basic human rights as spelled out in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR). There are 30 paragraphs in the UDHR and at present time, my country, the US, is violating 10 of the 30.” In agreement, a former CIA analyst, Dr. Phil Giraldi wrote in an article titled The Protocols for Death, antiwar.com, 12/6/12, “that there is considerable debate over how many of the victim were actually terrorists or insurgents, as the CIA regards any male adult killed as a terrorist unless it can be proven otherwise after the fact, but sources inside Pakistan and Afghanistan report a significant civilian death-rate”.

The indiscriminate nature of this campaign of horror is morbidly manifest between rhetorical targets as espoused by the Obama Administration and real targets. Both NATO and U.S. spokespersons deny the high number of civilian deaths connected with this campaign of horror in their respective press-releases, stating those killed as ‘terrorists, suspected terrorists, militants and or suspected militants.’ That an ineffective device is employed by the U.S. in their so-called ‘war on terror’ can be understood when it is realized that targets are often-times chosen as the result of intelligence received from traditional enemies of those selected to be inscribed on the ‘President’s Kill List.’ Elements of the Northern Alliance, for example, have religiously provided hopelessly compromised and fabricated intelligence to the Americans as a strategy to attack and kill their traditional (Pashtun) enemies. This has shown to be the case by any number of internationally acclaimed investigative-journalists. (3, 4, 7)

We Americans pose under a body of law. We claim to be ‘a nation of law.’ We strive to bring ‘democracy’ to those whose inalienable rights have been jeopardized or compromised by a dictatorial, repressive government. And yet, the leader of this great society issues death warrants for those whose only crime is to gather for a rescue mission, wedding or a funeral, or the unfortunate owner of a pick-up truck being neighborly and offering his neighbors a ride to town for supplies and or food or those young boys who carry staffs as they herd their flocks of sheep and somehow convey an image of a terrorist and or militant to those sitting at their computer monitors of death! It has been said that ‘those who ignore history are doomed to repeat it.’ For America, this is not ‘the way to win hearts and minds.’ (5, 7)

Bruce G. Richardson


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On January 21, 2013, (antiwar.com) reports that ‘between June 2004 and September 2012, the CIA and the military opted for drone attack 344 times, 52 under George W. Bush and 292 times under Barack Obama. Up to September of 2012, between 2562 and 3325 people were killed in Pakistan alone in the drone attacks. The Bureau of Investigative Journalism, an NGO, estimates there were between 474-881 civilian casualties in these attacks. The variation in the estimate is due to the fact that the US Government does not comment on drone attacks. The NOG has to rely on media reports and eyewitness accounts for information’. The US has used drones in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen, Somalia, Libya and Mexico to collect intelligence and to kill alleged terrorists and combatants. The US, however is not at war with Mexico, Pakistan, Yemen, Somalia or Libya, yet is, in total disregard for a nation’s sovereignty and international law, engaged in attacking these nations with unmanned drones. But it is not just the US, but also America’s allies Israel, Great Britain and Russia who deploy these indiscriminate killer-drones. In an article titled “Bomber in Chief” (antiwar.com, 1/22/13) author Nicholas S. Davies reports that ‘during Obama’s first term as president, there were 20,000 airstrikes launched against Afghanistan, a nation that had not attacked the United States nor played any role in 9/11, and a nation that Congress had not declared war against.’