Certificate Program

Effective Project Management
(Certificate Program will focus on Project Proposal Writing, Project Management Fundamentals, and Project Monitoring & Evaluation)
Starts from 06 Nov 2010
6:30 – 7:30 AM (One Hour Morning Classes)
Training Introduction
The Certificate Program in Project Management enables you to acquire the skills you need to keep projects on task, on time, and on budget. The highly interactive curriculum builds from theories of project management to real-world practices applicable to all industries and fields, including marketing, financial services, business administration, information technologies, international trade, health sciences, government, construction, and more. You learn from highly qualified instructors with substantial project management experience.
Focused Areas:
1-       Project Proposal Writing Skills
2-     Fundamentals of Project Management and
3-     Project Monitoring & Evaluation
Organizations that depend on external funding to achieve their objectives have to apply to various sources to obtain project funding. However, most organizations are often not aware of the basic requirements of a project proposal. As a result a project proposal may be rejected or unnecessarily delayed because it does not meet the required criteria. The present Certificate Program in Project Management is designed to help participants to understand the principles and formats of writing an effective project proposal.
As you are aware and have experienced in your workplace, that in this ever changing environment, projects are natural means to those changing needs that cannot be addressed within the organization’s normal operational limits. Yet, many projects failed due to lack of disciplined, systematic approach to managing projects.
Project Development processes are complex and multi-dimensional by nature. Adequately monitoring and evaluating these processes is challenging. Keeping track of progress, collecting data for management and for learning, providing sufficient reporting to account upwards to donors, downwards to beneficiaries and sideways to other partners requires a comprehensive and practical monitoring system. The challenge of evaluation lies in its potential to stimulate learning, to motivate people and to propose directives for the future. This Intensive five day course will enable you to turn monitoring and evaluation into steering and learning experiences for you and your organization.

If you want to have strong, attractive project proposals and desires to have strong knowledge of project management and needs to gain the valuable fundamentals of Monitoring and Evaluation and want things done strategically and making a lasting milestone in your career, this Certificate Program in Project Management is definitely for you!

Resource Person:
The Certificate Program in Project Management will be managed and run/conducted by experienced Project Management master trainers.
Who should attend?

Anyone who is interested to learn about Project Proposal Writing, Project Management and  Monitoring and Evaluation, or physically involve in proposal writing, project designing, supervising, coordinating, implementing, and monitoring project activities.
National and International Organizations, NGOs and Companies are encouraged to send their executives and managers as a group to attend this program so that there will be sufficient force, skills and capabilities to produce visible results through effective execution of strategic projects.

This Certificate Program in Project Management provides you with an excellent opportunity to experience the best ways to write proposals, manage the projects, and monitor and evaluate the projects’ activities and results.
Training method:

The Certificate Program in Project Management method used involves short theoretical inputs and demonstrations, followed by experience sharing and group work. Moreover; the methodology will involve a mix of methods, including lectures/PowerPoint presentation, application of skills to actual projects, and group work.
Class Meetings:
Sunday through Thursday (five days a week)
 Registration fee
Full Course Fee (One Month): 5000 (Afghani) AFA per person
This fee (5000 Afghani) will cover the cost of training materials, stationery, trainers’ fee, and certificate
 Online Registration at www.smart.edu.af   OR download the attached form
 Last Date for Registration/Payments is 4th Nov 2010
Seats are limited; the applicants will be registered on a first come, first serve basis.
Your seat/participation will be confirmed after your registration/payment. Please fill the attached registration form and send back SMART as soon as possible.
 SMART reserves the right to cancel or postpone the training if circumstances require. In that case SMART will inform registered participants as soon as possible.
Registration Information
Phone:  +93 789 17 11 99
Email:  info@smart.edu.af, academy.smart.af@gmail.com
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