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The Sun Never shines on the British Empire

America sneezes and Britain gets a cold

The bitter truth about the occupation of Afghanistan by America and Britain and other NATO countries who have never learnt their lessons from occupying and destroying an Independent country – one which never threatened the existence of other countries and nor attacked their ways of life, culture and faiths. Those who attacked you were your good friends and allies such as the Saudis and the Bin Laden Family with whom you still do business.

Today is a very sad day for the families of British Soldiers who sacrificed their lives for the lies of Tony Blair, Gordon Brown and George W Bush. So far 136 British troops died in Afghanistan and the Taliban now control more than 70 percent of Afghanistan according to the polls done by Aljazeerah. Recently a British General said that more troops are not the solution to Afghan problem and a political solution should be worked out but sadly when the Americans said that they are sending another 30,000 troops to Afghanistan suddenly Mr. Gordon Brown declares more British troops and asked other NATO countries to do the same.

The resistance in Afghanistan was not started by the Taliban and Al-Qaeda. This resistance has started by those Afghans who lost their family members to B52 Bombers supported on the ground by the American and British troops. They have lost their loved ones, lost their homes, their mosques and in many cases their wives and daughters raped and humiliated in front of family members. If you kill all the Taliban and Al- Qaeda in Afghanistan I am sure the resistance will still continue because the Afghans are fed up with the west who give them nothing for the past 8 years except the Northern Alliance, who are a bunch of Warlords, Drug lords, Thugs, Thieves, Rapists and corrupt officials from top to bottom.

Afghans have not forgotten the Russian occupation and many are still waiting for their loved ones to return from the Soviet (Russian) prisons. Most of the Afghans have lost at least one family member under the Russian occupation; the wounds of their occupation are still fresh in our memories. We have not forgotten the Russians but are quickly now occupied by the new Super Powers, the US and its puppets Britain and NATO. We will resist this occupation and no matter how much salt is added to our wounds by the American and British we will survive and defeat your occupation.

Anti-Soviet militants controlled the rural areas and today the militants have a permanent presence in 72 percent of the country, according to a Dec. 8 study. There are differences between then and now 20 years later, but many problems are similar: The US and NATO control neither the countryside nor the militants’ hideouts in Pakistan and of course not even the capital Kabul, and as civilian casualties increase, Afghan anger is mounting. The Soviets “weren’t able to control the grass roots.” The same thing is happening now; according to Dec. 8 ‘08 report by the International Council on Security and Development (ICOS). It argues that the pattern of attacks against coalition forces and the Afghan government suggests that militants have significant operations in provinces that make up nearly three-quarters of Afghanistan’s area,. The ICOS study notes that three of the four major highways out of Kabul are “compromised” and controlled by the Taliban. When the Russians were losing the war they then realized that they had to get at the Mujahideen in the countryside and began a genocidal policy toward the rural villages and household. Today, every incident of inadvertent civilian casualties … awakens bad memories for the Afghans and many ordinary Afghans are fighting and resisting the occupation as it is no longer an individual issue. The Russians tried to impose Communism by force and the Americans and British are trying to impose the so called Western type of women rights and Democracy and failed to understand Afghan Culture, Religion and values.

The Afghan problem cannot be solved militarily as it needs a political solution and it needs it very quickly. We cannot accept a divide and rule policy. We do not want to be another Ruwanda where the minority rules the majority. It is not going to happen and I am sure the resistance will continue until we are given our rights. The Northern Alliance and other Minority Groups are happy under the foreign occupation because they get more than their shares. The foreign occupiers need to learn the culture and history of the country otherwise Afghanistan is going to be another Ruwanda and thousands maybe millions are going to be massacred.

The ICM poll of 1,013 people, carried out for a BBC Radio 4 discussion, found that 68 per cent overall believe that UK troops should withdraw within 12 months and also more than 80 percent of the Afghans want you to leave Afghanistan. So please listen to the people of this country if you practice democracy.

Is not enough for the US and UK that they have killed almost 500 innocent Iraqis and Afghans for each victim of 9/11 attack. More then one Million Iraqis and Afghans died after 9/11, and Millions more become homeless and forced to become Refugees. How much more you want to kill for the 9/11 attack?

If the Afghan people cannot stand against your B-52 and F-16, then at least we can throw our shoes at the foreign occupiers and follow the example of a brave Iraqi Journalist who threw his shoes at George W Bush. Afghanistan is full of such stories and history has proved that no matter how much power and how many sophisticated weapons the invaders had, they always failed and the permanent invasion and occupation of Afghanistan is impossible.

It is about time that the British openly says fuck off (!!) to the Americans and bring the troops home. I have got huge sympathy for the young innocent soldiers who sacrifice their lives for the lies of Gordon Brown and George W Bush. I appeal to the families of British Soldiers serving in Afghanistan to join Rose Gentle and hold the British Government and Prime Minister accountable for the death of their loved ones. The only reason that Britain is in Afghanistan is because the Americans are there. If the US declared its withdrawal from Afghanistan tomorrow I am very sure the UK will follow suit. It will be nice that the British Government announce the withdrawal of its troops without waiting for the Americans and saving the lives of Afghans. Learn from the history of Afghanistan, no invaders have succeeded in there and I am sure you will fail again and again as it is the people who are forming the resistance against you and not just the Taliban.

Mohammad Naveen Asif

Exile Afghan Journalist and President of Scottish Afghan Society

1265 Pollokshaws Road Glasgow

44(0) 7779573331