Peace loving Nation

 A plot against the people of the Peace loving Nation of the United States of America and the Pashtoon/Afghan Nation of Pashtoonkhwa/Afghanistan.

    First of all let us cast a brief view on  the history almost all Afghans believe that afghan land has got more than five thousands years history) since 17th century a British business company named East India company came to India where the British India later  took control of half of Afghanistan/Pakhtoonkhwa region  British had occupied afghan/pakhtoon land step by step as a result of a lot of work the British Empire was finally able to put a puppet Ameer in Kabul with whose help British India was able to achieve its goal. They signed a treaty with Ameer Abdul Rahman khan behind closed doors which is called Duran line in 1893. We know that Afghanistan/Pakhtoonkhwa at that time did not have a parliament but there was a Tradational Loya jerga (grand assembly) that Pakhtoons had during their rich history, this Loya Jerga was not prepared because Ameer was totally some one that did not have any self determination. He knew that afghan nation was not willing to accept their division still he had to decide inside a room with British India s foreign secretary Sir Henry Mortimer Durand to sign a pact called Duran line Treaty or Kabul convention on 12 November 1893. And this agreement was not a Pakhtoon/Afghan nation decision at all; when this treaty was signed all pakhtoons/afghans showed great reaction and opposed it. Afghans from Waziristan sent an envoy to Paktia Governor Gul Ahmad khan to let him know about signing the agreement between Abdul Rahman khan and the British.

The representative told the Governor that his people were not ready to recognize their division, and would keep continued their war against it. Sardar Gul Ahamd khan expressed his ignorance about such an agreement.

Duran line has not only divided one nation but its worst impacts had suffered houses and same tribes as it has segregated one body into many parts. For all pakhtoons/afghans it is a matter of dignity and honor that is called in pakhtu/afghani language Nang and Namus. 

Now let’s  put some light on the present conflict in Afghanistan/Pakhtoonkhwa,

After 11 September 2001 the international community led coalition forces came to upper side of Afghanistan/pakhtoonkhwa while the other side of Afghanistan/pakhtoonkhwa (present tribal belt FATA and frontier regions) has changed to Alqida safe havens and training Centers. Khost province is my birth place and it is not far away from Waziristan up to almost Khost city Wazir tribe sub tribe Gurbaz are living From Ghulam khan region just one and a half kilometer away in Miransha city quite openly heavy artillery weapons like RPGs AK 47 and other illegal weapons and munitions are sold and bought without any problem. And all these weapons can be transfared to khost province without any trouble on daily basis e.g. during Afghan jihad time against former Soviet Union army this method was used. Same problem we have in Dara Adam khel where any kind of munitions and weapon is sold and bought illegally this area is between Peshawar and Kohat .in Bara and Khyber region the situation is not different. In tribal region a law is active called Frontier Crimes Regulation (FCR) this law is imposed on the Afghan/pakhtoon land in 1901 by British India and up to now is active, this law is run by a political agent this political agent is a judge, district governor, chief and finally every thing he can do what ever he wants, e.g. if one member of a family makes a crime then political agent is authorized to punish and put the whole family in jail or even kill the family.

 Another good example if I move to Miransha or Wazirestan area there are some people that have been put responsible  by mentioned FCR law they will come and ask these questions from me: 1st Who you are? 2nd Where do you come from? 3rd For how long you are staying in here? Whom you are going to stay with? When you are leaving? When I reply to all of these questions they will tell me right when you are leaving let us know. If for them it is possible to recognize me while I have got same dialect same language same culture and costume and same appearing why not for them it is possible to recognize those thousands of Arabs Punjabis Chechens and other terrorists? The answer is quite easy and sample that there is a big plot for peace loving nation of the United States of America and Afghan/pashtoon nation.

Russians came to this side of Afghanistan and enemy under the name of Mujaheedin got hidden on the other side of Afghan land. Former Soviet Union Army fought on the Afghan land for some ten years with heavy loses and finally determine to leave this side of afghan land and faced a big defeat. Which resulted in collapse of former USSR?  At that time for Russians it was hard to make that decision because they faced west and US resistance, and Durand line treaty with British India was also not expired, on 12November 1993 this Treaty has been expired. Nevertheless Russians Army had this capability to control that situation and was able to hit that enemy on the other side of afghan land. Still they made a big mistake which led them in Afghanistan to their defeat.

 At that time Mujahedin was using two codes against Afghan Government one was Pashtoonwali / and other was Pashto language, the language of Communist Government was Farsi/Dari while the mujahideen had owned some 6000 years old  religion pashtoonwali and the language Pashto itself. They finally won the war. One thing that we need to remember that Pashto is not the name of a language it is a name of a religion too.

A Pashto/Afghani language famous poet Ameer Hamza Ba Ba says in a poem; Aghyar kho wayie da dozakh zaba da, Za ba janat ta da pakhto sara zam.(which means enemies say this is the language of Hell but I will go to heaven with my language Pashto and pashtoonwali). Here it shows how much pashtoons love their language and pashtoonwali code of honor. Now almost same thing is happening Taliban has owned Pashto language, Pashtoonwali and Afghan Government is taking Communist Government policy forward. A pashtoon is treated in Kabul like an enemy of Afghan government under the name of Taliban or terrorist and Pashto language itself is facing same fate.Mr. Karzai shies to speak this honorable language that is why Afghan Government is loosing its people support, a good example for that is Bonn conference where a famous Afghan figure Hajji Abdul Qadeer about whom I am sure that will win the title of a hero or father in afghan history boycotted and left that conference. He was later martyred by enemy of pakhtoons in Kabul.

 The most vital factor in Afghan nationalism is Pukhtoonwali or Afghaniat which is in the blood of every Afghan. It is visible in those pashtoons who have been living in Punjab, Sindh, and some states of India and no more know or speak Pashto/afghani language. They still unconsciously practice the socio-ethical code of pukhtoonwali in their social relations and industrial information age. On this side of the Afghan land till the Axes River ethnic minorities like hazaras Uzbeks Turkmen and Tajiks have owned this socio-ethical code of Pashto/pashtoonwali/Afghaniat.They are Muslim but still like pashtoons/afghans often do not follow Islamic shariat law and follow,                       afghaniat /Pashto/pashtoonwali.

When in Islamabad Lal Masjed issue happened and the situation was getting complicated the Ammam of Lal Masjed asked the Pakistani Government to solve the dispute on way of pashtoonwali or Afghaniat.This Mulla was Punjabi but still influenced by pashtoon historical cod of honor.

Pashtoon are more than 120,000,000 populations living on both side of so called Duran line of the Afghan land, There are some dirty hands that work  in both Kabul and Islamabad and are not willing to give the right to this defenseless nation.

Pakistan is made by the name of Islam, in religion Islam there is no boundary and no dictatorship. Pakistan is made from three words like P for Punjabi A for Afghan/pashtoon, K for Kashmiry “P.A.K Stan” is for land. Now Punjabi dictatorship is unjustifiably call Afghans on their own land (on the other side of afghan land) refugees. And  Pakistan has tried to abolish rights of Afghans/Pakhtoons and keep them in dark took the right to study in their native afghani/Pashto language from almost 70 millions afghans/pashtoons living under its dictatorship on the other side of Duran line,                 On the Afghan land during its 60 years of history Pakistan is trying to divide one nation. Pakistan claim the inheritance of British India during its history no Afghan government has  singed any treaty regarding the so called Duran line with Pakistan how can it be right if  media still describe Waziristan as the Pakistani  tribal area of Waziristan instead of saying as Pakhtoonkhwa tribal area of  waziristan. Pakhtoonkhwa is the exact Pashto/afghani word for Afghanistan. While Afghanistan is a Farsi combined word Afghan plus land in Farsi/Dari is described like this Afghan means pakhtoon Stan means land. In same way as we call British people one nation Afghans/pashtoons are also one nation they are not different people. Any pashtoon with no exception is an afghan but each Afghan is not a pashtoon this is a reality that each afghan and world should know. 

A famous afghan/pakhtoon Elder and hero in the afghan history from Waziristan area of the Afghan land Hajji Mirzali khan later known as Aipee Faqeer says about Pakistan; Pakistan is made on a foreign land as a conspiracy for global peace by British colonialism in order to reach to their colonialism goal in the region. Pakistan is now nothing more rather than a tumor of Cancer. For the reason that Pakistan was created for is achieved and there is no more need for Pakistan to keep it on foreign land illegally.               Punjabi Pakistani Army is retaliating from Pakhtoons where they sent un true Taliban to Swat valley according to eye witnesses came from swat valley these Taliban had long beards which were not true. when Taliban situation was over then Punjabi Army came this army is  detaining civilians and blame them for Taliban’s capture them and take them with them next morning we find our innocent love ones dead. Pakistani Punjabi dictatorship is trying to imposte the so called Duran line on Afghan land because they want to keep afghans/pakhtoons in dark and uneducated, so for them it will be a good business to make a trade with Arabs and sell these people one by one to them and take the advantage of the ignorance of afghans and use our nation for suicide attacks against us and for no reason they are attacking our Jews and Christians brothers in international allied led coalitions. The followers of these three sacred religions of Islam, Christianity and Judaism are not happy to put another religion’s follower or at least a servant of Allah in trouble.

Muslim holey Bible Quran made it clear that all believers are brothers and sisters. There are some wrong hands that spread miss information in Muslim community. We as Muslims in our five times prayers mention Prophet Abraham’s name and respect Prophet Jesus and his mother Merry and got a chapter  in holly quran about her.

 Both Islamabad and Kabul administrations are not willing to solve afghan dispute honestly because Kabul is under the influence of Russians and Iranians made fronts and Punjabi dictatorship has invaded Afghan land illegally and is making a lot of income from afghan property.

International community may think that in Pakistan they got good friends like Mr. Zardari and late Benazir Bhutto but the real thing is that even Mr. Zardari himself is unable to fulfill his promise that he has given to international community: illimanating alqida and terrorism.                

 The power is in hand of Pakistani I.S.I.D Pakistani Army and some religious parties. The definition of Pakistan is I.S.I.D plus Punjabi Army plus some religious parties.

Mr. Zardari is like a sample or model looking for a possible opportunity.

Same thing we got here in Kabul Mr.Karzai does not have any power, he is nothing more rather than a symbol  when he came in 2001 he had surrendered himself to a few warlords and promised to them now it is our time to do what Mr. Babrak karmal did during soviet invasion.(A Russian General Grammof  responsible for a Russian Army Corp in Afghanistan) writes about Babrak Karmal that he had used  all soviet capability for his personal interest which at that time was parcham  party(flag party) and recently known northern alliance front. The general goes on to say we thought that this president got support from his people but that was not true and we found out about it very late this guy played a very positive rule in Russians defeat in Afghanistan. In 300 meters around his presidential palace his command is not working the power is in hands of those mentioned Fronts e.g. police and ANA are under influence of northern Alliance. When something happens then Mr. Karzi cries, for Afghan nation his cry is not enough.

They expect him to do something more, they ask him to urge British forces to go to Waziristan instead of staying in Helmand province where their F.C.R law is still working.

If Mr. Karzai is unable to make this decision then He has got no choice except resignation. Afghans/pakhtoons got this capability in order to bring peace and stability to their historical Afghan homeland; they got the traditional security force called Arbacai (tribal solder).

 Gran Mashar Mahmood khan Achak zai and Khan Afzal khan La La are good and fair leaders for all pakhtoons/Afghans with whom pakhtoons/afghans official national unity will become possible, after holding a Grand loya Gerga by all pakhtoons representatives pakhtoons will make their historical home pakhtoonkhwa/Afghanistan. With Pakistan there won’t be any reason to claim that Afghan land belongs to her. At that time our friend countries soldiers won’t be in trouble in Afghanistan/Pashtoonkhwa. Iran won’t be able to send IEDS and Arab fighters to afghan land at the same time Pakistani Punjabi dictatorship won’t be able to provide training and support to Alqida.

We desperately need more US solders and a long lasting friendship with the US, we as Afghan nation do not agree with withdrawal of us forces from Afghanistan it will cause too much problems in region and change this region to Alqida safe havens.

We kindly ask the US nation to provide more support for ISAF and US support because they doing in Afghanistan is very important.

We are sure if we do not take any action against  the enemy on time Punjabi Pakistan will finally sell Nuclear weapon to Alqida’s Arabs and they will use this weapon against the peace nation of the US and Afghanistan/Pashtoonkhwa.

I am sure we as pakhtoons/afghans one day will have this capability to bring Iran to a peaceful path.and also to send our army to the United Staes of America to keep them safe from any enemy of peace. As right now they are giving their sacrifice to keep us safe from enemies of peace. Coalitions will have this opportunity to search the enemy in each single hiding hole. It can be in Waziristan can be in Quitta and can be in Peshawar. Because as I mentioned before this land is Afghanistan/Pakhtoonkhwa’s inheritance not Punjabi or Pakistani dictatorship property.

Global war on terrorism is a holey war in Christianity we can call it crusade and in Muslim religion we can call it Jihad and this global war on terrorism is desperately required against those who are trying to destabilize the civilized world and using holey religion of Muslims against other peaceful religions we must work together and find these dirty hands and plot makers.

God will bless all Americans and Great Afghan Nation of the Historical Afghan land.   


                                    Da Khan Abdul Sammad khan Shaheed,

                                    Da Tollo Pashtanoo/Afghanano Da Khpalwakai Ghorzang.

                                      Lara Bara Loya Pakhtoonkhwa/Lar bar Loy Afghanistan.