Tribal Belt is situated across both sides of Durand line .This line was drawn by the Foreign secretary in the British Indian Government , Sir Henry Mortimer Durand and Amir Abdul Rehman Khan then ruler of the Afghanistan on November12,1893.It is pertinent to mention that this line never meant to be an international boundary segregating Afghanistan and the British India ,But rather allocating the limits of the two governments Respective spheres of the influence .

This line actually separates one Pakhtun /afghan nation from one another . Tribes, villages, and even houses have been divided by the imperialist who had no regard for the rights of the nations and human beings, but pakhtuns are a patient nation ,and peaceful creature who follows the philosophy of the non-violence most of  the times .But every thing has a limit .

Today we have a powerful organization of the world i.e. U.N.O. Human and Nation Rights are not to be violated any more Tribes  both sides of the Durand line enjoy same tribal ,linguistic ,cultural ethnic and economic links with each other. Both are inter dependent. These tribes need the positive attention of the West and developed world.

 This should also be mentioned that the government of the Pakistan has never been sincere with them .She has used them all the times for her nefarious designs as and when needed. In Kashmir, these tribes were used and today ,the land of the tribals is being used for the infamous strategic depth and interference in Afghanistan to keep that country disturbed and catch fish in the dirty water ,I would like to clear  that tribals are not the people who want to see a chaos  and anarchic situations in Afghanistan.

Tribals are not making mess. In real sense and clear and crystal words Pakistani establishment, Inter Services Intelligence and the black system of the political agents have been hands in glove to keep the poor tribals in slavery and servitude. Pakistani establishment with the connivance of ISI have brought their Arab guests to the tribal areas and have kept them there after the collapse of the Taliban rule in October 2001,world should know that tribal Pakhtuns have no say and no role in bringing the guests to the tribal territories. Tribal are so terrified that they are unable to say a word against the intrigues.

The sane full elements within have been exterminated for the last 5 years. Till this day more than 2500 political workers, leaders, tribal masharans (elders) and traditional tribal cum political people have been brutally assassinated systematically. Today most of the tribals have kept mum about all which is going on, on their land. When some one says a word against their agonies and miseries, is ruthlessly handled, his family is targeted even brothers and young siblings are not saved .The houses are attacked at darkness and the entire families are gunned down, taking the order from somewhere above. The present case of Amiruddin khan, political agent Khyber agency is an eye opener whose entire family was murdered at night by the subversive elements in tank district of N.W.F.P, (pakhtunkhwa).

The tale is awful and sad, because the children, were also killed. Prophet(PBUH)says that children, women and old men will not be attacked .They are sacred and should be protected in all cases ,but the fanatics who claim service to Islam don’t bother to obey what the Holy Prophet advised them. World should realize that FATA (Federally administrated tribal areas) especially waziristan is burning and the fuel is those innocent pukhtoon tribals who are not aware what their crime is? and why they are being used as a shield? Here American responsible people and leader of European Union, Human Rights Organizations, Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch and Human Rights commission of Pakistan should ponder over the entire drama and real actors, who are playing the game at the cost of pukhtoons, with negative forces at the sacred name of religion. It seems that worlds has slept and does not heed.

Or another words, is helpless and is afraid of  the real actors. When some with little political know how cries or at least murmurs, his days are numbered and such people are turmed as terrorists and anti state for such people are having limited resources to give their voice, to the media  and tell the real and actual tale. But the responsible world powers should not be blind followers. When political people are cleansed, the vacuum will definitely be created where the insane full and extremist elements will fill it. That’s why political people are murdered and extremists are assisted. Pakistani establishment wants to gain to aims.

One is to show that  Pakhtun as extremist elements to the world while other is to perpetuate the Durand Line as permanent international boarder that’s  why it keeps interference in the internal affairs of Afghanistan and tries to keep her destabilized. Until the traditional tribal (Pakhtun) leadership is involved, political parties order extended  to these areas and political parties are allowed to do politics, the situations can not be normalized and the hard days of the tribal will not go.
According to the census of Pakistan 1998, the population is 3.13 million.Tribals do not accept it and tell that their population is more than 10 million. The present FATA comprise of seven agencies and six frontier regions (FRs)
AGENCIES                                                                 YEAR OF FORMATION
Mahmand Agency                                                       1951
Bajour Agency                                                            1973
Kurram Agency                                                           1892
Khyber Agency                                                            1879
North Waziristan Agency                                              1896
South Waziristan Agency                                             1896
Orakzai Agency                                                           1973
Frontier Regions (FRs) are attached to the districts of NWFP (province), and are administered by Assistant Political Agents respectively
FR Peshawar
FR Kohat
FR Bannu
FR Dera Ismail Khan
FR lakki
FR Tank
In these seven agencies and six FRs the politics is a forbidden fruit. Here stones are tied and dogs are free. On June 14th, 2007 a grand jirga of FATA was convened       in Peshawar , in which tribal elders,MNAs ,Senators ,Students and a large numbers  of the Tribals of all the Tribal agencies participated. Several resolutions were passed .it was demanded that Tribals should be given representation in the  up coming Pak Afgan Loya Jirga.

On this occasion one of the speakers said that Tribals are in dangerous situation. Today Tribals think of their survival. Punjabis are bent upon to destroy us. They decide our problems which they can not ,because they are different people and think differently .Pakistan is going to be diminished if the present situation continued .FATA is burning .Punjabis think that we are not human being.
We are shown as cannibals to the world.

Though we are decent and civilized people but in the last he condemned politics and political parties in the Tribal areas (perhaps due to the fear of bureaucracy which wants the status que). On this occasion a leader of Pakhtunkhwa Milli Awami Party Dr.Said Alam Mehsood addressed to the participants that today Waziristan has been seized completely. There is no Jirga(Convention).Our all political friends have been ruthlessly and systematically murdered. He said that those foreigner sitting in Waziristan are not our guests .

Who so ever wish to take them along, come forward and for the sake of GOD salvate us from them. When Pakistani army entered Waziristan the political atmosphere polluted and suffocated .Today, in tribal territories there are more secret agencies than the tribal people. Pakistani Establishment is bent up to eliminate us on the name of terrorism but it is wrong .We are neither terrorists nor their friends.

We are neither terrorist nor their friends. We are simple and sincere people .Pakistan is playing her game against Afghanistan and pashtun nation.Pakistan is getting 300 billion dollars from America on the pretext that they are fighting against extremists. But the case and real story is somewhat different .We should not expect that Pakistan will save us. She is neither a Muslim state nor a welfare state. Extremism and fundamentalism are consolidated here, clergy and religious fanatics are encouraged and the political people are exterminated systematically he concluded.
Written by
Zar Ali Khan Musazai
Pakhtuns Democratic Council Pakhtunkhwa.