Abolition of FCR welcomed


Peshawar:March 30,2008

Pashtun Democratic Council well come the announcement of the Prime Minister Syed Yosaf Raza Gillani concerning abolition of the FCR(Frontier Crime Regulations) and termed it a historic decision which certianly pleased the Pashtun Tribes ,who have been as slaves for the last 100 years.Pashtun Tribals are not different from the other Pashtun living in other parts of Pashtunkhwa.But it is a pity that Islamabad had kept them with her like slaves and did nothing good for them except blaming them as pro-extremist and terrorist forces,which we Pashtun strongly disown and reject.

FCR is inhuman and draconian law,in which Political Agent plays the role of Dracola and the blood of the Pashtun has been drinking by the bureaucracy in Islamabad for the last 60 years.We wanted to request to Nelson Mandela to come to tribal areas and wage a war against the black and inhuman law of APERTHEID imposed on Pashtun tribes.International community should not believe in what the bureaucracy of Pakistan telling them about tribales as the said forces use the region as a meadow where they are grazing and eating money like animals eat grass.Keeping people as tribales in 21st century is insult to humanity.All the conflicts in tribal areas are self made and Agencies are playing the role to sabotage the peace there and turn Pashtun against each other to stop them from thinking of Pashtun National Unity and use this area as a shield to protect extremists and terrorists for the nefarious designs to fulfill and catch fish in troubled waters without the consent of the tribales as tribales have no role in the drama staged by the establishment.

The extremist and fundamentalist forces and other are the guests of Agencies and tribales are not having any relationship with them as we all know that even a leaf can not shake without the will of the Political administration in FATA,then how can a foreign guest will be kept there without the permission of the political administration?.Now the tribals have stood up to get their political and democratic rights.The government of Yousaf Raza Gillani should not listen to Maulana Fazal Rehman about FCR.PM and his allied parties should stand firm on their decision about the abolition of FCR as the coming generations of the Pashtun will remember this decision in good words.On this occasion we will have to remember the political struggles of those Pashtun Political Praties and individuals who have left no stone unturned to abolish this black law.
Hats off to them all and Pashtun history will remember them with respect and honour.
Written by,
Zar Ali Khan Musazai
Pashtun Democratic Council