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ISAF troops see progress in Paktika

ISAF troops see progress in Paktika


KABUL, Afghanistan (July 19) — ISAF soldiers visited the largest school in Paktika province July 17 and noted that the school is coming back to life.


Soldiers with Polish Battle Group and the 3rd Civil-Military Cooperation Tactical Support Team visited to check the progress of building renovations at the Alibaba School in Sharan district.


“We were here two weeks ago. Now the progress is clearly visible. The project is going to end with a success,” said Polish Captain Piotr Marszalek.


The renovation of the school’s two main buildings started in March. Initially the project was scheduled to end in May. Because the school was operating during the renovations, the students and workers had to share access to the facilities, thus delaying the project.


The contractor received 20 percent of the project’s funds when the renovations began. After this visit, he was slated to receive another 30 percent because the work is more than 50 percent completed. The remaining part of the funds will be given when the project is completed.


The dean of the Alibaba School asked the ISAF team to do another project in the area. He would like to have another 60-year-old building renovated. If approved, this new project will start in the near future.


About 2,000 Afghan boys attend the Alibaba School.