Look busy and do nothing


rime minister and his Cabinet are proved to be totally failed to run Pakistan even as a sovereign state because nothing has changed in this country. Such a country which is full of natural resources and the people of this country Pakistan are hardworking but still these people are jobless. This country has more than 70% land can be irrigated and can be cultivated but still there is food shortage. This country is full of natural gas and oil but still there is no exploration because of the ineligible and corrupt administration and still there is energy shortage for the common people.

The people are not safe in their own homes. Pushtoon region is burning. The terrorists which are mostly outsider non pushtoon have hijacked the whole Pushtoon tribal region. The so-called corrupt and mafia political administration is still there. There are no basic human rights to the common tribal people. I am sure that the so-called terrorism is still supported by this corrupt inhuman political FCR system in FATA.

The prime minister has just played his cards on the first day of his premiership that there will be no more FCR in Fata but still the great and honourable pushtoon tribal people are leaved by the federal government on the mercy of terrorists. We were happy that there might be a change due to the February 2008 elections but we all the people of Pakistan and especially tribal Pushtoon are very disappointed because the Federal government is doing nothing except their show-off in the print and electronic media. The federal government is itself still not defined and the whole country is being run by the corrupt private companies because the major public institutions have been privatised. I say to my country men that we have to be realistic in this stage of our history.

This was not the change. This is just the continuity of old corrupt landlordism and capitalism. This country has been ruled every time in the name of Islam but in fact the so-called religious parties and terrorists groups have always supported this inhuman system in Pakistan. Pushtoon are originally only democratic people but the corrupt military and civil beaurocracy establishment have always trying to show the Pushtoon nation as religious extremists in the whole world. Only pushtoon have been made scape goat for the whole country. Pakistan is always defended by the Pushtoon tribal people but still this war is clearly seems to be only against Pushtoon nation because in reality the headquarters of these terrorists organisation are in Kashmir, in Lahore , in Jhang and in Islamabad but amazingly the Pushtoon region is burning.

I will appeal to all our honourable pushtoon leadership who are non violent soldiers of Bacha khan Mr. Asfandiyar wali khan, Mr Mehmood Khan Achakzai, Mr Latif Afridi and Mr Afrasiyab Khattak to find a safe way out for the Pushtoon otherwise we the common pushtoon will do in our own way. We are proud to be Pushtoon Pakistani because we are born here in this country.

Long live Pushtoon khudai khidmagar soldiers, long live Pushtoonkhwa and Long live Pakistan