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An Atomic Bomb Holder Terrorist State

The 165 feet high and a few meter widths Minar – i – Pakistan is situated in Lahore, the capital of Pakistan constructed in 1960. The minaret a well-known source for committing suicide through jumping, the suicidal are mostly poor, unemployed or ineffectual lovers. The minaret surrounded by beautiful flowers and greenery, gives work of entertainment where dozens of family visit with their off springs. Many young men come for the cause to have fun and spend their spare time with fellows. Minar – i – Pakistan played a vital role in the partition of India through different movements and struggles. It is remained a warmth place having political conventions, political rallies and fun parties. It is covering near about 3 square km land of Lahore. It is next tothe Badshahi Mosque and the mosque which is on the few meters distance of Hire Mondey, a prostitution industry.

The Pakistani state got independence on the name of Two Nation Theory which means (Hindus and Pakistani Muslims are enemies of one another), along Pakistan three other states also came into power on the base of religion, these are Israel, Nepal and Vatican City (Vatican City Non-member of UN). Since 1947 the Pakistani state leads its policy to overcome the world, its syllabus, ethics, foreign and interim policies base on clash of civilization with other countries, frankly the Pakistani state always think negative about the peace of region. The Pakistani state thinks to overcome all the region under its extreme ideology of Wahabism, the ideology which base on the thoughts of Sayyed Kutab, he stated once in his famous book(Malam-ul-fi Taric) that there is no need to learn about any scientific or social science subject except the Holy Quran. The great extreme leader of Pakistan Maulana Moodidi was not less than Sayyed Kutab. He was also pioneer of these extreme thoughts, he also give open permission to kill non-Muslim, because they don’t practice the Islamic injunctions like a Wahabi.

The current extreme thoughts sustainer Pakistan nurtures its off springs to fulfill the nefarious intentions of these leaders. The Pakistani state has no allergy with extreme and orthodox expression, the last huge convention of old and new Jihadi players and ex members the Pakistani general assembly got the permission of having an open rally in Minar – i – Pakistan. Where thousands of madrassa, schools, universities students and other people were got together to gun on their faith to fight against all non-Muslims until their dead. The surrounding was covered by Jihadis verses, flags, swords, missiles and guns posters. The situations were like to be modern Kabul of Taliban, where mostly places were occupied by assault Taliban. This is not a story of Taliban 1996, but real wording of the convention of 18 December 2011 held in Lahore, Minar – i – Pakistan for the cause to punish non-Muslims that why they are non-Muslims?

Where Jamaatud Dawa (JD) chief Hafiz Muhammad Saeed vowed on Sunday that the jihad to oust Indian forces from Kashmir would continue, the first time he has made a reference to jihad since his group was declared a terrorist outfit by the United Nations in 2009.Saeed was speaking at the ‘Difa-i-Pakistan Conference’, a gathering of thousands of supporters of Wahhabi and Deobandi parties at Minar-i-Pakistan on Sunday held to tell the world Jihadi power. ’. All the speakers at the rally called for jihad and told their supporters to prepare for war.

During his speech, Difa-i-Pakistan Council Chairman Maulana SamiulHaq (Owner of Akora Islamic University on twelve kilometers distance of Nowshera, where a major training center of Pak Army is existing, which played a key role in training of mujahedeen) read out an oath to the audience that they would participate in jihad when the Council gave the call. “We will attack Indian, US, Russian and NATO forces for the cause to keep uphold the flag of mujahideen” they said, repeating after Samiul Haq.

Samiul Haq said the various parties at the conference had united and would work together until their goals were achieved. We should not forget that extreme Mullahs is a second strong political religious power after army in Pakistan. The organizers had invited the parents of men killed fighting in Kashmir and Afghanistan to the gathering. A man who had lost three sons and two nephews was called to the dais to speak briefly. From the stage, men on loudspeakers led the crowd in chants of ‘Sabilinasabilina, al jihad al jihad’, ‘India ka aik ilaaj, al jihad al jihad’.(there is only one solution to dash to ground India by Jihad )

‘Difa-i-Pakistan jihad-i-fi sabilillah se hoga’ (Pakistan’s defence is only possible through jihad)

The crowd was dominated by JD activists waving the group’s black and white striped flag, which is also the flag of Lashkar-i-Taiba, proscribed as a terrorist outfit by Pakistan. In December 2009, the UN declared JD an alias of LT, which is believed responsible for the Mumbai terror attacks.

Some in the crowd also waved the flag of Sipah-i-Sahaba, another banned terrorist outfit. Supporters of the Jamaat-i-Islami, JamiatUlema-i-Islam (Sami), Tanzim-i-Islami, Aalmai Khatme Nabuwat, Tanzim Mashaikh Azzaam, Jamiat Ahle Hadith and Majlis-i-Ahrar also turned out in large numbers.

Jamaatud Dawa (JD) chief Hafiz Muhammad Saeed demanded that the Pakistani government end all contacts with the US. He said that a similar rally would be held in Rawalpindi. “We will no longer fight America’s war, we will fight Pakistan’s war,” he said.
He said that JD would not allow the government to grant most-favored nation trading status to India. “We will surround the markets where Indian goods are sold,” he said, adding a call for revenge against India for the separation of Bangladesh from Pakistan. The leaders of different parties also pledged that they will train each child of Muslim to attack non-Muslim forces. As the leaders of ANP, MPP, MQM and other secular parties of Pakistan took a serious action against this kind of extreme thoughts but this time they were also looking in the lap of establishment. While the former ministers Sheikh Rasheed Ahmed and IjazulHaq, son of the late dictator Gen Ziaul Haq, also addressed the participants, and expressed themselves soft-corner for these mujahedeen leaders.

Former Inter-Services Intelligence chief General (retired) HameedGul said that an Islamic revolution, not general elections, was what Pakistanis needed to resolve their problems. He said further that we wish to smash the non-Muslim (Kufaar Hamid Gul means to use Kufaar are countries like Israel, USA, UK, French, German’s inhabitants, where most of these countries engineers, doctors, master minds and social workers serve Afghanistan but Hamid Gul call them Kufaar because they threat to the supremacy of Islam, in real meanings supremacy of people like Hamid Gul and his comrades) for the cause to prevail Islam on the world, he included that we want to gain power in Afghanistan as we had in the past. The others participants were Syed Ziaullah Shah Bukhari, Maulana Tahir Ashrafi, Maulana Zahidul Raashdi, Abdullah Shah Mazhar, Hafiz IbtisamIlahi Zaheer, Maulana Mazhar Javed and Maulana Bashir Ahmed Sial also spoke at the rally.
Current visit of Imran Khan, a really uncivilized un-evolutional animal, also spoke about the killing of Afghan children in Afghanistan. He also favors the current sanguinary attacks of Taliban in Afghanistan, and he called to ignite more the hatred and suicide attacks on poor Afghan people.

So a state with such kind perilous and extreme thoughts is not only threat to Afghanistan but a threat for the region and international community. The state which plays a negative role for the region is a poisonous for us. Where only a few bureaucrats, establishment stooge and indirect imperialists work for their own goals, but they don’t consider the one hundred and eighty millions population as human and inhabitants of the state. They work for their own business, profit and achievements. The Pakistani state can’t divert more the attention of masses where unemployment, poverty, agitation and split in the establishment are increasing day by day.

Except these, the Pakistani Islamic state coming down due to its past and present policies. According to sources in the Ministry of Finance, during the first quarter (July-September) of the current fiscal year, 2011-2012, foreign investment from the developed countries dropped by a massive 83 percent and the country only received foreign investment of $50.1 million. In numerical terms, this figure denotes a drop of $241.8 million.
Pakistan’s international trade gap increased by 31.38 percent in the first four months of 2011 over the previous year, owing to the highest-ever increase in imports and a fall in export earnings.As a result, the trade deficit reached $6.871 billion in July-October 2011, from $5.230 billion over the corresponding period in 2010. The current account deficit also widened to $1.209 billion in the July-September period of 2011, as against $597 million over the same period in 2010.

The country’s total debt is 66.4 percent of GDP. According to the figures released by the Central Bank, Pakistan’s total debt liabilities in the 2010-11 fiscal year (FY11)—which includes domestic, external, and the debt of Public Sector Enterprises (PSEs)—stood at a staggering 12 trillion rupees or U.S.$139.5 billion.

According to official figures the projected population for 2015 is 191 million, up from the current figure of approximately 170 million, making Pakistan the sixth most populous nation on earth. Every Pakistani man, woman and child is indebted to the tune of Rs61,000 while the Government of Pakistan (GOP) continues to borrow heavily. Soon Pakistan will not be able to service its $60 billion external debt. In order to avoid immediate bankruptcy, Islamabad will have to resort to printing money, which will lead to further inflation.

According to the 2011 Legatum Prosperity Index, Ethiopia, Zimbabwe and the Central African Republic are the only three countries worse off than Pakistan. Their “Safety & Security Sub-Index” points out that Sudan is the only country worse off than Pakistan. Their “Education Sub-Index” shows that the Central African Republic, Mali, Sudan, Ethiopia and Nigeria are the only five countries worse off than Pakistan. According to the 2011 Failed State Index, even countries like Rwanda, Burundi, Ethiopia and Burma are now better off than Pakistan.

Four out of every 10 Pakistanis have fallen below the poverty line: an estimated 47.1 million Pakistanis are living in extreme poverty. Over the past three years, an average of 25,000 Pakistanis per day—every single day of the past three years—has fallen into extreme poverty. Malnutrition rates are high and ominously climbing, and are often linked to 50 percent of infant and child deaths; there is one doctor—of unknown credentials—for every 1,183 people. Pakistan’s literacy rate stands at 57 percent, which, despite official exaggerations, is amongst the lowest in the world. Pakistan is ranked 142 out of a 163 country index when it comes to the percentage of its budget allocated to education.
How dramatic is this that an atomic power holder, is really in bad situations, these situations are really leading millions of human towards critical and bad situations. But beside these situations, there is a hidden movement and agitation is going on under ground, which works for better future of the Pakistanis, which vows to introduce open mindedness, temperament and a society of peace. The Pakistani establishment is well aware about this movement but neither aware about its critical results for the Pakistani elite class.

Because the masses of Pakistan are learning from objective realities and stagnate politics. People are really from hand to mouth, they want to solve their problems. On the other side this land have a great civilization and leftist politics in the history, the traditions of this great civilization will remind and teach to the people about its past, then after analyzing their past and present they will decide about their future. Any advanced change in Pakistan will seduce the whole region for progress; even this change will put positive effects on Baluchistan, India, Afghanistan, and Iran and on central Asia but possibly the partition.